Video Game Music

December 6, 2017

Hey you. In case you haven’t heard, my good friends from grad school founded an educational video game featuring an original Trazer soundtrack. The company is called Lux Science.

Download and play the beta version of the game, here.

Video games and virtual reality are the future of education (in my opinion). If you’re not convinced, read “Ready Player One.” It’s an amazing book about a future dystopia where everyone is in a virtual reality 95% of the time. The only thing preventing total societal collapse is the fact that virtual education is completely free and completely amazing. Once you’ve thrown all the traditional ideas about education out the window, the sky’s the limit.

Anyway, at the beginning of this project, my friend Roman (a co-founder of Lux Science) came to me and said he needed some ambient music for his game. Music that is unobtrusive, chill, dreamy, and loopable. So I made 4 different tracks, for the different moods he needed to convey in the first chapter:

1) Normal ship – calm exploration music
2) Red alert ship – a more anxious exploration music
3) Inside the Holodeck – excited, some-what trippy music
4) Floating around in a space suit around Mars reflecting on past experiences – peaceful dreamy music

It was fun making all of these, but track #4 is where I started to get really excited. Play the video game, and this is the first track you hear. I love it. I decided it was good enough to expand it into a full-blown Trazer track for release outside of the video game. I’m calling the track “Space,” and I hope to release it in the next few weeks.

It’s a special feeling falling in love with your own song, although it’s happened to me countless times by this point. That honeymoon phase with a new track is so ridiculously exciting. Exciting enough that working on it feels effortless. Exciting enough that I feel an urge to listen to it all the freaking time. It’s special. It’s magical.

So here’s a little teaser of the “full” version of Space. With Snapchat filter. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Anthony / Trazer

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