Dancing in my Onesie

December 23, 2017

Yes, I recorded a video of me dancing in a giraffe onesie, again. This time, it’s to my recent hour-long set, “2am Dreamy Dance Mix.” It turned out to be quite exhausting, dancing like that for a whole hour. So sweaty. lol. But it was also ridiculously fun. You should try it.

Watch here, or below.

Or if you just want the audio and none of that silly giraffe nonsense:

One day I hope to do live shows, and I imagine that those sets will be something like this. Dreamy chill house, lots of animal onesies, you get the idea.

Anthony / Trazer

P.S. You can download the mix here.

P.P.S. Post a video of you dancing to my music, and I’ll love you forever. Bonus points if you’re wearing a onesie, obviously.

P.P.P.S. Have I mentioned that my burning man name is Slutty G? It’s short for Slutty Giraffe, because I tend to get warm when I dance, causing me to remove parts of my onesie. 😉

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